Escape the Lab Game

Escape the Lab

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Abroy released another very good-looking escape game called Escape the Lab. Imagine you are a scientist who had been working on a new serum which injected to the human body could induce serious muscular growth and could repair the broken bones in minutes. One day finally you managed to fulfil your dream and produced this special material. You wanted to find volunteers to try out the serum on them but nobody was bold enough to test it. You decided to do it yourself and you broke your arm by jumping down from the ladder. Injecting the serum into your blood system you immediately could feel its effect. Your arms became stronger and your body started to tremble. Suddenly you fell unconscious. Waking up you felt extreme pain in your chest and decided to call an ambulance. When it arrived the doctors couldn't come inside because they found the entrance locked. You checked the box where you had been keeping the keys of the lock but found it empty. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make the doctors way free. Good luck and have fun!



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