Escape Kuyavar Crock Game

Escape Kuyavar Crock

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You never thought you'd reach India. It was never on your bucket list. You're thinking India is not for you. However, India called you and you can't help but answer. It took a lot of research for you to decide to go. You wanted to be sure you're ready for the place. And then the travel date came. And you can't believe how excited you are to be in India. Amazing how the place easily brought changes to you. You were always amazed at the stories of people who go there for soul-searching. And you're slowly getting there as well. As the plane landed, India greeted you as you  imagined. But it has a whole different meaning. So you can't help but smile at the thought. You're starting to see the country in a whole new light. Then your excitement rose higher.

The first day of your stay brought you to a kuyavar place. It's where they make pots. You look at each of the pots made there. And the pots were carefully molded and heated. Then again, the craft drew you. You weren't able to focus on your path. And you broke one of the pots. So as an escape, you also to make your own pot to replace the broken one. However, it wasn't a piece of cake. Escape Kuyavar Crock outdoor escape game by Ajaz Game and continue exploring the country with a peace of mind.

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