Escape Kindness Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving and the kindness is spreading all around. You begin to feel so warm and fluffy inside. It’s like you’re radiating happiness and warmth to all the people around. You simply feel wonderful. The sun is shining all around and you know that the world is already a much better place. Everything is perfect for this Thanksgiving. However, it’s like for excitement that the turkey is missing. For such a long time, you always have turkey for this occasion. And it simply makes everything seem complete. But without the turkey, can you still consider it a celebration. No matter what the situation is, you want to make the most of what you have. But then the visitors are pouring their thoughts about why a turkey should be present. And you begin to feel bad for them. So you begin your search.

You want to surprise your family by finding the turkey yourself. You stealthily walk around the house just to look for it. Still your family sees what you are doing and asks you about it. You just can’t spill the beans. So you try to be as vague as possible. Escape Kindness Thanksgiving outdoor escape game by Ajaz Game gives you that warm feeling while solving puzzles.

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