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Escape Jumanji Girl

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You were expecting your adventure to begin on your first step on the trek. However, it came early when you found your friend whom you dearly call Jumanji Girl, unable to leave her house. You would've doubled over with laughter upon seeing her state. You just couldn't believe someone couldn't leave her own home. Then again, she was your friend and you knew her since kindergarten. She wasn't always the brightest in class. She would usually shy away from anything that would let her stand out. You always believed she had a unique spark in her which made people want to see her more often. But she seemed to have never felt that way. She was happier when she was by herself enjoying her own company or she was with a close friend and that was you. The way she was never bothered you.

The heat was just unbearable in the city that you thought a little trek would help ease it out. You knew your friend must be dying to leave the house for a while as well. So you invited her to join and she readily agreed. It was the day of your trek and she should be waiting outside her house. However, she just stayed by the window. Play Escape Jumanji Girl room escape game by Avm Games.

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