Escape Icy Cave Game

Escape Icy Cave

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A few months ago, you joined a competition that'll take you to your dream country in winter. Many months have passed and you have forgotten about the competition. However, while checking your email today, you see a message from a tourism organization. You wonder what is about. But you first check if it's just a spam. The email address seems to be legit. So you open the email and it's about you winning the competition you joined months before. You're leaving for the country in the weekend. You can't believe you're receiving the prize this soon. It's winter there and your closet needs updating. So you hit the mall and other stores to have enough winter clothes for the trip. You want to enjoy every bit of the trip and not just stay inside the accommodation trying not to freeze.

You arrive there and the snow sure is already falling. And the cold is very different from the cold you experienced in a different country in spring. Your first stop is the skiing resort. You don't know how to ski but you're not backing out. You know how to start moving. But stopping is a problem and you end up in an icy cave. Play Escape Icy Cave outdoor escape game by Mouse City.



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