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Escape Icicle Sleet

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You lived on the mountains for almost two years. You really like the balance of cold and hot weathers there. Despite the absence of snow, you felt like the temperature would've been close. There were times that the sun is shining brightly but the wind is very cold. You wear a jacket under the bright sunlight. However, there were also times when you couldn't see very far because of the fog. And these are the things that you miss about the mountains. You feel so bad to be leaving the piece of paradise you had. You considered it a piece of paradise as you can feel so much peace while staying there. But you needed to move to the city for progress. It's heartbreaking but you can't do much about it. You can't live on canned goods and instant noodles forever.

Your friends must have felt your sadness that they gave you a present. They gave you a voucher for a snowy mountain escapade. You can't believe they would be giving you something like this. But all you can do is say your thank you over and over. Then again, you're not meant to stay here forever as well. Be sure to find your way out. Escape Icicle Sleet is an outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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