Escape From Hilltop House Game

Escape From Hilltop House

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This weekend you want to have a mini vacation. So you make sure to finish all your work for the week. You finish all your reports and even ask your superior if he has some pending tasks for you. And you even offer to work on it right away. You want your mini vacation to be worth it. Then, every time you're at home, you search the net for the most posh place you can afford. You want to have that little reward for yourself especially when you begin to feel burned out. Your nightly search gives you possible places to stay at. There's a hotel that offers a lot of amenities yet your budget is way below the price. Next you find a simple house that you can rent overnight. However, it's too simple that it feels like you're still at home. And then finally, you find your place.

It's Hilltop House and it's a few hours away from your place. You like it because it takes you away from your usual environment. Upon seeing the place, you see something sparkling and glittering on the windows. You're thinking it might be from the lighting and decors inside. But it might be something else as you look for your escape in this place later. Escape from Hilltop House is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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