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Escape Happy Boy

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Your main purpose for travelling was to be away from the kids for a while. You love them and all but too much time with them could really make you grumpy. And it was not just with the kids but with people in general. You really needed to have some time out with them. It seemed like you were absorbing so much energy from them until it was too much. So every time you were feeling this, you chose a destination and just go. You always have your camera with you to capture the rare moments of alone time and peace. But your pictures didn't always look crisp and clear. When the vehicle was moving, you just had to expect blurry ones. Yet these blurry photos also made up some memories that crisp and clear ones could give you. So you just ready your camera whenever opportunities came.

You got out of the vehicle and breathed in the air. It was something you always do in a new place as long as you felt it was safe to do so. Then the tourists dispersed and you were alone to enjoy the place. However in the middle of the bustle, you heard a boy's voice. It was enough to sent chills on your spine. But you also felt the need to find the child. Play Escape Happy Boy room escape game by Avm Games.

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