Escape Grimalkin

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You’re walking along the sanctuary secured by your organization. Only the staff of the facility were allowed to be there. However, your friend came one day and asked to be toured. You didn’t see any harm of letting him see the sanctuary. You’re actually hoping to wake his inspiration. So he’ll donate to your cause. And you also enjoyed sharing your knowledge about the place and the species found here. But the office called you. So you left your friend. It never occurred in your mind that your friend will be in trouble for just standing around. However, your colleagues might have found it funny to hold him capture near the leopards. The creatures in your facility were actually used to seeing the staff. But they might react negatively towards strangers. And it worried you somehow.

So you tried to move closer to your friend and free him. However, the commotion caused the leopard to be angry. This means you have to think of other ways to free your friend. Will you be able to find other ways of freeing your friend and escape before the leopard lose its patience? Play Escape Grimalkin outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games to find out.

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