Escape Grandparents House Game

Escape Grandparents House

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Simon's grandparents lives in their farm and that day because his parents wants him not to become a couch potato and experience hard work, they sent him there to do some chores and one can bet the chores in a farm is really not small and easy. Of course Simon didn't want this little trip of his there one bit, but he was told by his parents that if he doesn't do some chores there and become active, there is a huge chance that he'll be spending the entire summer there! That is absolutely a nightmare for Simon for he didn't want to be away from his electronics, but that's that and it's done, he needs to get it over with then and learn to like farm chores.

Escape players, there is some new chores for the day at the farm, how will you do this now if you are Simon? Bet it's going to be fun now! Come and play as Simon here everyone as he finishes his chores among the vast greenery of the farm with a smile on his face, that's so he can go home the soonest.

Give this challenge a go everyone! Escape Grandparents House is the newest point and click farm escape game from Selfdefiant.

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