Escape Goldie Robiodnho

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Out of all the stories you have read today, this one definitely got your attention. It’s very similar to the one you have read when you were little. However, part of it have been mixed up. You want to believe it’s the same book. But the way things turned out, it’s not. Still you continued to read the rest of it. Then one striking statement caught your eyes. It’s something about a golden chest hidden somewhere. You searched the book for the continuation of the statement but it ended there. Instead a little hidden compartment revealed itself. You opened the compartment and out came a little map. It’s so little that you need a magnifying glass to see clearly. Luckily, you had one right beside your desk. You took it out and gasped in disbelief as it showed you the map of your city.

You instantly searched for a bigger map and started mapping the place. It showed a location outside the heart of the city and inside the forest. You’re not fond of creepy crawlies. But you can’t ignore the interest you’ve had developed for this discovery. Escape Goldie Robiodnho is an outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games for those seeking adventures a way out.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Goldie Robiodnho

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