Escape Girl From Evil Skeleton

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Reggie was already trying his best to escape from this Halloween place here which he didn’t even know how he got into it, he was just going around his neighborhood trying to get home and then suddenly the surroundings changed! Reggie have thrown logical thinking out here for this does not happen, but all he wants is to escape right-now and he had been trying that for hours already. As he got through everything which was out of his imagination though, he passed by an area where two animated skeletons were standing, in the middle of them was a woman and she is screaming for help for she is being held by them!

At first Reggie didn’t want to help and just ignored it, but darn his conscience is getting to him and well, he turned around for her! He kept saying that this could be a really bad idea, and a problem he will be getting himself into which he might not be able to solve easily, but if this is legit then he would have saved a life here. Escape players, Reggie might be walking into a trap here, want to help here so that this can be done and of course quickly and safely?

Escape Girl From Evil Skeleton is a new scary wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Girl From Evil Skeleton

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