Escape From Ghost House 3 Game

Escape From Ghost House 3

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You're keeping this a secret but you can actually turn your thoughts into the theme of your house. You've been keeping this since the day you discovered it. You don't want anyone else to know since your energy can drain easily each time you transform a house. But if it's just you and you don't need to impress anyone, you're up for it. So for your birthday, you just imagine happy thoughts and your home becomes a happy place. Your friends are in awe at how much effort you exert for your home decorations. But no one should stay overnight. Or else they'll slowly see the decorations just vanish. This will totally creep them out so you make sure to end the parties before midnight. Everyone wants to party at your house because of the unique theme you place out every time.

So for this year's Halloween party, your friends want you to host it. It's a piece of cake for you so you agree to them. You come home planning the party when your house turns into a ghost house. You want to go back to your normal home but it seems like the house won't listen to your thoughts. So you have to find another way to escape this nightmare that you create yourself. Play Escape From Ghost House 3 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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