Escape Gator Country Game

Escape Gator Country

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Harvey just woke-up and found himself in a place he did not know at all! It was a bit warm and that was enough to awaken Harvey and when he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw were green, that's not typical at all for his house doesn't have any green on the ceiling! There he realized that he is not in his house anymore and it was very strange for he doesn't know the place at all. Harvey tried his best to grasp where he was and the only thing he can get is that he is in some swamp or somewhere which definitely was in gator country!

Harvey called for anyone but then he realized that the certain someone who had brought him there actually might be planning to do something and if he makes a sound, then that could be an alert to the kidnapper. And so that's why Harvey decided to escape from the area by creeping and finding-out where of a gator country he was, escape players want to join in the escape here with Harvey from a place he doesn't even know where? Ready yourselves then for it is still a mystery why Harvey woke-up in the place.

Escape Gator Country is another new point and click dangerous place escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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