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Escape Funlove Christmas

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Christmas is one of the most colorful occasions. It's when you get to see colorful blinking and dancing lights couples with merry sounds. You really like Christmas and you likewise enjoy roaming around the bright lights. Also during Christmas, you can feel the love spreading all around. There's just something about the celebration that brings all the good things out of the people. They become more loving towards their fellows. And this makes the world a better place for you and for everyone else as well. However, there's still this one place that seem to have not received the spirit yet. Their place feels like it's lacking the magic of the season. So you offer to help them figure out the missing piece for the fulfillment of their celebration. You look around and notice that there are some things missing from the place.

Some of the decorations must have been misplaced and displaced. And this confusion leads to the shifting of the people's attention to what's missing rather than what's present. So you start working on finding the stuffs that should be on their proper places. This way, Christmas can make a full swing everywhere. Escape Funlove Christmas is a room escape game by Ajaz Games.

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