Escape Funlove Christmas 2 Game

Escape Funlove Christmas 2

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Christmas is great when you celebrate it with your loved one. But the problem is, you have two girlfriends and karma came to hunt you. You are at the park with your girl and you saw your other one at the same park.  This not what you expect and you are not prepared for this situation. You know that you will be in trouble if one of these girls find out that you are a player. In other words, you can't let your paths cross. You asked your girlfriend to go to other park but she doesn't want to.  What she wants is to stay and play in the snow. Boy, you are in a tight situation. You have to escape from the park before your other girl sees you around with another one. That will be so messed up for sure and this love ain't fun anymore.

Use your logic and think of a way on how you can escape from this. Look around to find hints and clues that can help you to solve this puzzle. Don't let the hearts break this Christmas season. Escape Funlove Christmas 2 is the newest outdoor escape game made by Ajaz Games! Good luck!

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