Escape Fun World Game

Escape Fun World

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It was the middle of the week and you had been so busy with the renovations in your office. You wanted to start your work with a fresh surrounding. So you spent many days designing and lay-outing your space. You didn't know that it would took a lot more to complete your vision. You could just actually let the workers handle their work. They were pretty skilled but you felt like you should still keep an eye on them. Fortunately they didn't seem to mind. However, your friends were starting to feel a little left out while you focus on your space. You didn't want them to misunderstood you. And so you invited them have some fun in the Fun World. You used to go there as a group and be as loud and crazy as you could be. You also felt you could use some free time.

Your friends were already there when you arrived. You thought they'd welcome you with questions and complains. But instead, they welcomed you hugs and kisses. Your route in Fun World was like how it was years ago. You couldn't stop laughing about the silly things you've done. Yet you were not very young anymore. So exhaustion came easily. Play Escape Fun World outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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