Escape From Yellow Forest Game

Escape From Yellow Forest

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The yellow forest is such a weird place, nobody knows why it is yellow there for when people looks at it from a distance, the trees are not even yellow. Maybe there is some sort of magic lingering in the place, that's a possibility for magic had once ravaged the town nearby and it wasn't a pretty event. Still people go there for vital medicinal herbs can only be found in the place and every time, they do it as carefully and peacefully as they can so as to not disturb the forest. That day, Fletcher who was a curious scientist went with the town's herbs collectors so he can study the weird yellow place and everything it has especially on why is it yellow.

Fletcher was allowed and after a few hours of traveling, they were witnessing the place and Fletcher was in real awe! He had never seen anything like it, he was so fascinated however to the point that he had forgotten protocol to stay with the group, he wandered off and that's how he got lost! Fletcher was now confused where he was for whenever he looks, he cannot find any of his companions and everything was yellow! What a fool for a man of science, either way will you help him out escape players so he can be safe with the group again? Be careful with the place then for it can fool anybody.

Escape From Yellow Forest is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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