Escape From Yellow Condo House Game

Escape From Yellow Condo House

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Amber finally got that condo she made an initial pay for and for the next few years she will continuously pay for it. The room that she preferred was great, even though simple but it's what she wanted. One day however as Amber was trying to fix the place up and cleaning some of the furniture when she felt tired suddenly, so she took a nap just a little bit. As Amber fell asleep though and eventually went into a dream, she found herself in her room and she couldn't get herself out for the doors won't budge! She knows that she is in a dream but as she tries to figure things out she is slowly getting the impression that if she doesn't escape the house then she'll never wake-up!

Amber tried to pinch herself but she still wouldn't wake-up and also she is still trapped in her own room! There is absolutely something going-on here and Amber is unfortunately right in the middle of it. Escape players, will you help her out on this escape before this gets worst and she won't be able to wake-up? There won't be any rescue coming for her now and that's why you must give her a hand.

Escape From Yellow Condo House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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