Escape From Woodland Game

Escape From Woodland

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Escape From Woodland is the newest point and click scary wilderness escape game created by Top 10 New Games for more fun and daring escapes with us. Best of luck!

Deep in the woodlands, there are a number of these mansions and nobody knows why they are even standing in such a creepy place, well the people just forsakes those and that's why it is being slowly taken by nature and then some that are not really creatures of the light. Werner was pretty curious of the place especially about the houses and why would they build such beautiful houses in a place where nobody can see them. There is a reason for that and Werner will get to know about it especially when he decided to push further on his adventure.

Werner is now in the grounds of the houses and he is deciding what he'll do next, if he ever wants to push further, or just let this be and try again with the help of more people with him. Well unfortunately Werner decided on the first one and as an end result for that, the darkness is starting to get him and physically! There were moving things among the shadows and as he spend more hours there, they get even closer and closer. Escape players, care to join in the dark woodland escape here where neglected mansions stands? Place yourself on Werner's situation then and have fun on this adventure.

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