Escape From Village House Game

Escape From Village House

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Russel was in-search for the mysteries of the world and he wanted to uncover as much as he can, but he got lost somehow in the forest where he was trying to find-out about something, and on his struggle to get back he found a small village which was quite peaceful. Too peaceful that is for there was really nobody around, he even called for anybody but nobody responded to him. Russel is technically still lost so and he thought the village seems to be of no help to him at all, so he decided to just continue on his path to escape and maybe he can get back to town where he started.

Escape players, there is absolutely escape in all directions from where Russel was, but there is only one or two right paths though, will you be able to find signs and clues that will guide you to the right way for escape? Place yourselves on the shoes of Russel then, try to find the way out and be very careful, for the village here is pretty much still a mystery.

Escape From Village House is the newest point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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