Escape from Tunnel Cave Game

Escape from Tunnel Cave

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I'm a little bit disappointed, to be honest. I was expecting more from you. You couldn't memorise that simple pattern, could you? You had to just follow the signs in that certain pattern, but you failed and fell into a trap. The next thing you remember is falling down into a dark hole and landing in water. You swam ashore and looked around. You found yourself in an old tunnel. It looks abandoned. You've found numerous doors so far, but none of them was open. Let's change this and get out of here! Good luck and be careful with the crocodiles!

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  1. Date: February 4, 2016
    Author: dewed
    Eight Games always have one particular puzzle I can't do. I got all the gold numbers but one. The spinning red circles puzzle kept me from getting it. They'd all be in place except 2 were swapped. No matter how I tried it. [Reply]

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