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Escape From Trepidation House

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You found yourself in this house because you were trying to run away from a friend. He had been super friendly lately that you were afraid he'd say something he shouldn't. He was your best friend's ex. And you didn't want to be in something as complicated as this. But all your memories of him were positive ones. He had always been so nice to you. Yet you believed it was because you were his girlfriend's friend. It was like his automatic responsibility to be kind to you. You felt it was wonderful for your friend to find someone as lovely as him. You even imagined yourself having someone like him. However, it didn't occur to you to take him away from your friend. Things ended between them for more than a year already. But it wouldn't open any possibility for you both.

Then again, it seemed like he had a lot to say. You thought they were mostly nonsense and it would be better to just avoid it all. So you entered a stranger's house that you later on realized was called Trepidation House. The moment you turned to look at the interior, you wished you just faced your friend than to stay inside. Play Escape From Trepidation House room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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