Escape From Toon Deluxe House Escape

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One of the deluxe houses in the neighborhood just got abandoned. Why ever so? Well that’s because the place had now become somewhat active in a way that the reason is paranormal! The owners would not return to their house anymore, so they just left it as it is and fled to a place they think they were safe. Several days passed and of course they needed their stuff back, but they refused to go in there though, that’s why Anthony who works as the neighborhood’s staff was called-in to retrieve some of their much needed things there and at first Anthony was a bit uneasy what he is about to do here, but he can’t chicken-out though and so he must.

Anthony enters the place and at first it was good as he finds the things he was told to get, it was okay and the house was calm, but then when he was about to leave however some strange thing happened and now he could no longer get out of there! He knows very well that he didn’t lock the door when he entered, but now it is and he is struggling to open it for some weird reason, he needs help right-now before this thing escalates for the worst. Escape players, Anthony is slowly thinking that this is the work of the alleged paranormal activity of the house, but he cannot think of that right-now for he knows he will be out of focus when he does. Okay now, will you be the one to help Anthony here and quickly so he can safely get out of there?

Escape From Toon Deluxe House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Toon Deluxe House Escape

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