Escape from the Savoy London Game

Escape from the Savoy London

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This is your first time in London and you know nothing about the city, yet. After arriving to the city last night, you came to the hotel right away. The hotel building was amazing, you even wondered how it was possible that you made the reservation on such a low price to an elegant hotel like this. You were pretty tired and your mind was focused on getting to bed, so you didn't spend time with chatting or listening to the guest information. You woke up at 10 am. The first thing you saw was the sign on the pillow: Savoy London. Oh no... There must be some misunderstanding. You didn't make the reservation here. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the city. It's a fact that even you know. This one night will cost a fortune. Since they gave somebody else's room, you might be able to sneak out before they realise. Good luck!

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