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Escape From The House

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Today is such a boring day so you called your friend. Unfortunately, she is busy so you can't talk over the phone. Because of this, you just decided to go over her house to help her with her errands. In this way, you can escape the boredom plus you can help her to finish her work. You are ready to go out when you realized that you don't know where the key is. Without the key, you can't open the door. You can't be a bummer inside your house so you have to find the key so you can get out. Since you have no idea where the key is, you have to look for clues that can help you to locate it.

This puzzle can also ease your boredom so you are glad to do it anyway. You can also collect items from your house if you think that it you can use it for your escape. Your friend is waiting for you so you have to Escape From The House as soon as you can. Play Escape From The House point n' click room escape game from Games Zone 15 and use your logic to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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