Escape From The Cemetery Game

Escape From The Cemetery

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There is definitely something weird going on inside the cemetery. You're tasked to check the cemetery once in a while. You don't know how you got the job. You're just new in this area and you don't know any history about it. However, the chief of the town is one of your father's friend. Since you don't have any stable job, he offers you the task for the cemetery. You notice you're the only one working for the place. You're thinking other people might have been scared. But as your father always tells you, "Be more afraid of the living, not the ghosts". So you just take this job like a walk in the park. That is, until today. While you're checking your emails, someone calls out to you. You look at the window to see one of the chief's people. He wants you to be in the office.

You fix yourself up and instantly walk to the office. There you see the chief's very serious face. "We might be under attack." His voice can't hide the fear. "From what?" you manage to speak out. The chief just takes a very old book from some clever hiding place and asks you to read it. After putting the book down, you proceed to the cemetery. Play Escape From The Cemetery outdoor escape game by Knf Games.


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