Escape From Sunset Mountain

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The dry mountains is where one can see the beauty of the sunset in this country. Who would actually expect that there is such beauty here in this barren land. A few people only knows this view, for this desert is dangerous and not a lot of people would venture there. Curtis is there that day though for he would like to experience what some have already seen there.

In his effort, Curtis actually found the place and it was just in time that the sun was starting to set! It was absolutely beautiful, it was just as his friends told him, but as he was about to leave the area though for soon the light will be gone, he experienced a problem and now he needs help! Escape players, want to see what happened to Curtis there in the desert and see if you can help him then?

Escape From Sunset Mountain is the newest point-and-click dry wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Sunset Mountain

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