Escape From Stunning Place Game

Escape From Stunning Place

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Try another ancient place escape game here everyone. Escape From Stunning Place is a brand new point and click escape game released by Top 10 New Games for more fun escapes with us everyday. Have Fun!

The newly discovered place here has a lot of style even though it's actually an ancient Egyptian grave. But as Clayton who was an adventurer journeys in the place however, he realized that there was actually more than just the various ancient valuable statues and the sophisticated designs there. Clayton realized that there were a lot of hidden receptacles there for the dead and that's not all, for he also discovered something pretty dangerous and that is toxic gas just looming a few inches in the uneven flooring!

Clayton just came to realized that and he doesn't have a protective mask at the moment, that's why he needs to leave quickly before the gas is disturbed due to his motion and fills the entire place suffocating him in the process. Will Clayton be able to escape slowly from the ancient tomb here? Escape players, why don't you try the escape adventure here with Clayton as he tries his best so. Good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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