Escape From Strange Forest Game

Escape From Strange Forest

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The strange forest which everyone calls it has a lot of peculiarity and everyday people told of different scenes that they see whenever they venture in the place. Those are illusions and that is why a whole lot of people have already gotten lost in there because the path is not always the same. Draco wonders what he will find in there, for he is now taking the path leading to that place, that's because he must for the old healer in the village cannot harvest vital shrubs which can only be found in that place, for she is old and her strength is withering.

Draco finally arrives in the forest and for his illusions, what he saw were scary bastions, glittering vegetation, and strange houses. Okay, nothing really harmful as long as he stays away from it, but the forest loves to toy people around though so when he finished collecting the vital shrubs in that place, the forest placed an illusion then and as a result, Draco got lost! Now what was he going to do now? It is not like he did not expect this. Escape players, will you help Draco escape from the place before his concerns gets way up to his head? Be ready of the challenges of the forest then.

Escape From Strange Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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