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Escape From Space

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It is your dream to be an astronaut since you were young. This is a dream come true as you float around the spaceship. It seems surreal and you are so happy with your position right now. But while you were on space, you realized that there is no place like home. You really miss Earth and you can't wait to go back. However, you can't just come back with just a push of a button. The spaceship has a lot of commands and puzzles that. You need to solve those before you can escape from it. The space is so wide and there are lots of clues that can help you to escape from it. Not only that, there are also items in the ship that you can use for your escape plan.

But even if you are floating around the space, you should not let your brain float with it. You have to use your brain for the puzzles that you have to solve. You can't stay out there in the space for a very long time so you have to be quick. Play this brand new room escape game by WoW Escape and Escape From Space. Good luck!

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