Escape From Snow Christmas Forest Game

Escape From Snow Christmas Forest

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Winter had been heavy this year, and that factor alone was enough to get Charles lost as he ventures around the wilderness for he just visited the village where he grew-up to join the yearly festivity which was the celebration of Christmas. Charles actually knew his way but because the snow had really covered the path and the landmarks barely seen, he just keeps getting lost as he struggles to find the real path for home. It's a good thing it's still pretty early in the day, but that will only just buy him time and will fail him soon if he doesn't get himself to the beaten path within the time.

Charles just keeps going but this time with thinking now for one wrong move could really get him dangerously lost in the frigid landscape. Escape players, imagine yourself as Charles here, lost and will get even more so if he is not careful. Will you all be able to get home and quickly before the sun sets or the weather changes dramatically? Find clues then and use the best of your skills here for those will greatly help you in navigating back.

Escape From Snow Christmas Forest is a brand new point and click icy wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: December 18, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    Oh, my god - I knew it! Never ever praise "BIG" or you'll jinxed them. As soon as I praised them, they immediately made a new bug in the new game. If you look at the walkthrough, you can be sure of this: instead of the keyword "RAINBOW", a keynumbers "2 4 1 3" was placed twice. [Reply]

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