Escape From Skull Island

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In the middle of the remote island, there is a place which nobody would ever expect to be present there and it is quite a horrific sight. A small abandoned village was in there and people who have visited have never had any explanation what was up with that settlement, or what’s left of it that is. The village’s houses there have been destroyed by the looks of it, and it might have happened a long time ago, plus there is clear evidence that it might have been bloody too for they found skeletons everywhere and it is so old that the place never really smelled. That’s why locals and people who are in the next island over have called it skeleton island and nobody is suppose to go there for other reasons as well as its dangerous.

One day however, Sonny went there for an adventure and he thought he’ll be leaving from there by late afternoon with valuable information of what the place was about and what had happened there, but instead he got lost in the old structures and the worst part about it it’s already nighttime! Escape players, Sonny came alone and it’s one bad decision he had ever made since he made this journey, will you help him escape and turn this misadventure into an adventure for yourself? Place yourself on the shoes of Sonny then and keep looking for a way out.

Escape From Skull Island is another new point and click spooky place escape game made by Top 10 New Games.