Escape From Skull House Game

Escape From Skull House

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Escape From Skull House is a brand new point and click scary indoor escape game released by Top 10 New Games for more fun escapes here in a dark place. Have Fun!

The skull house was rumored to be made entirely of bones and skulls of people who were victims of wars in the olden days, but Marlon came to that forsaken area and somehow it wasn't really true, the houses there were made of wood and stone, others were even rickety to the point that one side is on the ground. There must be something different here for Marlon thinks that the skull house stories are really real but unfortunately nothing that he can see or get a picture of can prove that. He still ventured the place for he is positive he can find something there but instead, he found something else and that made him decide he'll just escape now before it gets worst, not that it already isn't.

Escape players, Edwin just got caught by the darkness of the place and now he finally sees the skull house and it was trying to pull him in! He needs to stay away from it and leave this place right-now. Care to join on this and see if you can find your way back to sanity? Good luck then and really try not to get caught by the skull house. Enjoy!

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