Escape From Skull Castle Game

Escape From Skull Castle

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The skull castle is just one of many belonging to the powers of the country, along with the diamond castle and the gold castle, the skull castle however was quite a horrific place for it is infested with ghosts and scary things. That day, Lance came as an emissary of the diamond castle to send a message to the skull king who rules in that castle, this is the only job he doesn't like among all that he does in his resident kingdom, but he was asked by the diamond king so he must comply.

Lance did his job as quickly as possible and it ended quite okay, the skull king accepted and just allowed him to leave, very different than what he had expected, but when he thought of that however his fate turned around quickly. Lance got lost in the yard of the skull king's castle and he knew this was too easy, now the skull king is playing tricks with him which he usually does to emissaries of different kingdoms. Lance does know that the skull king can't harm him, but what if he does! Then his life is just a waste here and it could end in war. Escape players, Lance needs help here to escape from the area of the skull king, will you help him so that whatever the skull king is planning to do to him won't succeed?

Escape From Skull Castle is another new point and click scary area escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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