Escape From Secure House Game

Escape From Secure House

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The secure house which everybody was talking about is a palace of escapes and puzzles! Why? Well that's because it is not a place one should just live in, it is specially built to trap people inside and it's up to them then if they are able to escape or not! Sounds thrilling, well it definitely is and when Tanya heard about the place, she immediately asked her friends to go with her to try it out. Her friends were okay with that but actually, the challenge was only good for one person per challenge, which means she will be going in alone!

Okay, she still accepted it for she really wanted to try the place out, but it's only going to get harder for there was no help coming from anybody but her conscience. Escape players, the secure room is a great place to escape from if you're up for mind-boggling puzzles and detective-like challenges. If you wish to test your skills then play as Tanya here and be ready for anything that will be thrown to you there in the secure room

Escape From Secure House is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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