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Escape From Secret Place

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Try the ancient escape adventure here everyone. Escape From Secret Place is a brand new point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games for more fun with us daily. Enjoy!

Deep beneath the pile of bricks somewhere in the desert of Egypt, there was this secret place and inside it were more than valuable treasures! Phil was only just removing some stuff around the bricks when he discovered underneath it a find of his lifetime. There was actually an ancient cavern there and it looked very valuable thanks to all the gold as well as the statues there, Phil was absolutely winded upon seeing that, for never in his life he would ever find something like this at all. But as this good thing came-up though, a bad thing soon loomed and Phil is in the heart of it.

Upon entrance, the stone doors behind Phil suddenly moved shut and because it was heavy, he couldn't move it away! This is definitely an unfortunate thing, but he seems to realize that the stone doors have some weird symbols there, it might be vital so he can get that thing to move and open. Escape players, this escape challenge will be a battle for your skills and logic, the better it is then the quicker you'll escape. Try the escape adventure here then with Phil, good luck everyone and don't forget to have fun with us everyday!

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