Escape From Scary Place Game

Escape From Scary Place

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The scary place which was an old village located near the forest was filled with the things nobody would expect. There are no proven ghosts in the place or anything that are intangible, but what's making the place scary though were the zombies there! There are real-live zombies roaming in that area and because they can really bring on the hurt to anyone, people tends to stay away from the place and it's also weird why those things cannot leave the area of the village. This is clearly caused by magic and that's why one day as a person who once lived in the place and managed to escape, Gabriel decided he'll find the source of the enchantment and bring the village's life again, but first he'll only have to check the place out and maybe he can find something out and that is where he will start.

Escape players, Gabriel needs to scan the place and for that he needs to go through the scariness and the zombies there! Information is important and he has to escape from there unscathed after so he can begin his plan of rebuilding the village. Care to join Gabriel here on this village adventure?

Escape From Scary Place is the newest point and click scary place escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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