Escape From Scary House Game

Escape From Scary House

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In the scary woods, there is a small abandoned village there which was once inhabited by a small group of people, but at some point in their history however, they left from the area and with no apparent reason plus leaving their things behind. Some people said that a strange magic had been dealt upon the place and that made them run or pulverized on the spot! Some even said aliens were involved, others were talking about monsters coming from deep in the wilderness. Nobody can give a good theory though let alone a plausible one, for it looks like the people left from the place with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

That day or night actually, Atom managed to reach the village and because there was a minor problem along the way, his journey was cut but still he pushed further until he reached the place in the night. Atom thought the houses there are going to be livable, but it seems that the entire place is not very welcoming so he'll just have to leave for now before he scares himself. Escape players, will you help Atom here leave the village for the moment so he can camp somewhere else? The place is very dark and the foliage are very thick, be careful in doing so and be ready for anything.

Escape From Scary House is a brand new point and click scary place escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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