Escape From Scary Forest Game

Escape From Scary Forest

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Try this escape adventure here from a place not for scared-y cats. Escape From Scary Forest is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

Among the spookiness of the dark forest, there are ruined houses there and all have been forsaken for who knows how long. Nobody can confirm really though if someone actually lives in those houses, but one day among the people's warnings of not going there however, Adrian decided to check the place out to fill his curiosity and also to see if somebody lives in those houses. That's one daring idea for nobody is courageous enough to enter the place and the data they have about everything there was from the olden days when people are brave enough to form a mob and enters the area with pride, well whatever Adrian finds in there escape players you will find as well.

Escape players, care to join Adrian here on this adventure in a dark place where everyone doesn't want to go? Place yourself on the situation of Adrian then and may you discover what the place is now. Escape safely and do not let the spooks there lay a hand on you, or you might get cursed. Good luck!

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