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Escape From Scared Place

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It's a scary place to be in. But it'll be even scarier if you don't get out of it quickly. One of the things that scares you the most is the mist. It's better if you can see everything. But when there's mist surrounding you, you feel like something will pop out and grab you towards your death. It's a scary thought but you've seen it happen a couple of times in the movies. It slowly becomes your reality. You like places like this but as long as there are no creepy creatures hanging around. You can keep calm even in the darkest and scariest places. But when creepy creatures move about in that scary place, you have to be out of there in no time. You're here in this place because you have to complete a mission. You're doing missions on a weekly basis for a client.

And this client has a lot to do with scary places that you seem to just accept the fact that you'll be in a scary place every week. The wooden bridge creaks as you walk on it. But it doesn't worry you. What worries you are the creatures you haven't seen yet. Play Escape From Scared Place outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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