Escape From Rooms House Of Stone Game

Escape From Rooms House Of Stone

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There are very old houses near the lake and when one goes there, it's like they have been transported to the medieval times. It is a tourist attraction and people for generations have been visiting the area to see some history and old engineering. One of the interested ones was Emil and he was given special access to the houses in the place! That is a special reward, but sadly though his experience there will be both pleasant mixed with a little concern.

Emil was moving around the houses and checking-out the old fixtures, it was absolutely fascinating. But little did Emil knows he is going to be trapped in one of the houses in the place and it's about to happen without anybody stopping him! Escape players, Emil is going to get trapped in one of the old houses there as well as lost in an area and it's inevitable. Will you help him instead when he is trapped as well as lost? Go ahead then and try to find stuff that can help so that Emil can get out of the house and get back to the exits of the area or somewhere.

Escape From Rooms House Of Stone is another new point and click houses escape game made by 5n Games.

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