Escape From Railway Station Game

Escape From Railway Station

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You didn't have trains back at your place and you just couldn't get enough of them. You liked being there. However, you didn't know much about how the railway station works. You just enjoyed the food and the views of the people and the place. But as to how to navigate around it, you had zero idea and you always had to rely on other people. This railway station had earth tone colors which you found very relaxing. You would just sit on the bench, buy some snacks and watch people come and go. It would have been nice if you were to use the station like this all the time. But there was a day when you had to really navigate it yourself. Your friend asked you to visit him and the only way for you to reach him was through the train.

It would take a day if you would use other transportation. And your friend only had one day before leaving for abroad. So you needed to exit the station and hop on the train that would bring you to your friend and spend some time before his departure. Play Escape From Railway Station room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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