Escape from Poveglia Island Game

Escape from Poveglia Island

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The island of Poveglia. It's a small island, located between Venice and Lido. It doesn't have a bright past. First, it was a refuge for people fleeing from barbarian attacks. After that it became inhabited for a long time. Later the Venetians chose the island as the location for an octogonal fort out of the 8 in total. Poveglia became a checking point. They examined the leaving and incoming ships, goods and people. No wonder it ended up as a confinement station later on, during plagues. In the 20th century it was also used for quarantine, but they turned the fort and the buildings into an asylum. The idea didn't live long and they eventually abandoned the island completely. However, you see some potential in it and want to build a luxury hotel. You came here to look around, but your guide left you here alone.

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  1. Date: December 10, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    I am really sorry: just stopped to play Eight Games. Reasons: Items in your games are almost invisible - if a clue is just one millimeter or so on the screen, it will ruin my eyes. I'll come back when the games are more intelligent and not only a case of watching the cursor to find small items.

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