Escape From Polishing Place Game

Escape From Polishing Place

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You are very welcome to try the ancient place escape game here everyone. Escape From Polishing Place is brand new point and click escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy!

Deep within a luxurious house which was just regarded as a normal house was actually a place to cover-up an underground fort which contains different ancient artifacts! Johnny just found-out about the place and it was fortunate to him that he was actually allowed to enter the kept vault just for research of course. Johnny was scanning for clues and other stuff in the place, it was an absolutely valuable place thanks to all the artifacts there and at the same time, it was confusing for the objects there don't just come from a single place or culture. It was definitely different, but something happened there however for when he tried to leave just to talk to the person who let him in, he discovered that the only door which he knows of to exit is locked and it couldn't be opened no matter how hard he tried!

Johnny's heart pounded after realizing that, for that person might have a dark motive for him and some of the thoughts of his that he could be an offering to the ancient things there! Johnny must escape from the place at all cost if he wants to see the light of day again, will he be able to gather his wits, skills, and logic for a quick escape from the ancient place? You can join in the escape adventure here with Johnny escape players, don't forget to have fun!

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