Escape From Park House Game

Escape From Park House

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The land had always been very fertile and that's why the old village there really thrived, but something happened there though before and what's left were the wooden houses standing there. In the modern times now, the people have preserved the place and they even made it like a museum which people can visit and take a look. It's like one is back in time and each house has its own front-yard and a replication of what life might have been before. Rona was a visitor that day in the place and even though she had fun moving around the area, she got trapped in a house and it's a bit silly for she is actually trapped in a front-yard!

Rona couldn't open the gate and she really wanted to escape now for it's embarrassing, it's a good thing that nobody had seen her yet being trapped in there and well the problem can only get worst if she doesn't do something now. Escape players, will you help Rona here out and carefully without destroying anything there that had been carefully preserved?

Escape From Park House is the newest point and click area escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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