Escape From Paradise World Game

Escape From Paradise World

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It's nighttime already and Elmo is still lost in the paradise world after entering there. Elmo happened to find the place for he was trying to reach it ever since, now that he is there he got so mystified to it to the point he never really realized that the sun also goes down in that place. Elmo didn't know he can get this far and that's why he never prepared himself to camp there, and now he has no choice to get himself out of there!

The paradise world is a very strange place and if anybody sees it they would open their mouths in awe, but Elmo is trying to get away from the place though and he needs to be very careful, for the land is not connected to the Earth and one wrong step will spell absolute death from falling! Escape players, will you help Elmo here escape by any means possible? There is no place to stay here and he really prefers to be on ground-level, find the path back as carefully as possible.

Escape From Paradise World is the newest point and click weird wilderness escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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