Escape From Old Palace Game

Escape From Old Palace

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Be courageous as you try this escape adventure here from a place not for everyone. Escape From Old Palace is brand new point and click scary place escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

The old and forsaken place is what it is, forsaken and nobody should go in that area for a lot of people have already gone missing in there not to be seen for again. Cash wanted to see what the old place really is for as sad as it can be, his brother was also one of the ones that got missing in there and it just gets to his curiosity if he is still even alive in there or not. Most likely he isn't, but he is not going to let that go until he sees his brother.

Cash started his journey through the old houses of the dark place and he saw how much black sludge was on the ground, it's kind of like a giant grease hill or something. Well Cash must keep going and familiarize everything especially the way out for he really doesn't to become one of the lost ones of the place. Escape players, this is a mission for Cash to find his brother and if he couldn't, he must escape right away before he goes on the missing persons board as well. Join him everyone and don't forget to enjoy the adventure.

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