Escape From Old Black And White Avenue House

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Everyone living near this old house doesn’t know why the place got built and just left there, most of the newer inhabitants there haven’t even seen anyone living in it and some of the older ones too, that means the place there had been standing on the spot for a while now. That day however, Jack decided to find some answers who the place belongs to by entering in it and maybe report this to the authorities too for the place might not be safe for people who will enter there in the future especially to kids.

Jack is in the house now for the door wasn’t really locked, so he was able to get inside without much force. Jack was astonished however as to what he had found inside, for the place had no other colors but mostly white and a little bit of black! Jack didn’t know what to come-up with the place, for he really doesn’t have any answers why was the place so. But as he ventures around however, he didn’t really find anything out of the ordinary except the color of the place. Well Jack only experienced something though when he tried to leave the place and from there he needs escape players! Will you help him with whatever problem he is now?

Escape From Old Black And White Avenue House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Escape From Old Black And White Avenue House


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