Escape From New Habitation House

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Try this beautiful house escape adventure here with us. Escape From New Habitation House is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy everyone!

The luxurious house that stands tall near the neighborhood is quite good-looking, but it has a secret though and it’s not a good one, that even made the people living there to not live in it anymore. That’s why they dared anyone interested to discover it for themselves whatever the secret is for nobody would really believe them until they try if for themselves. Victor lives in the neighborhood and he thought maybe he will try what everyone was talking about, and there he went.

After a while of staying in the place, nothing seems to be happening, so he just slept on a couch there and woke-up after an hour, there he realized what the real score that the house possesses. Victor tried the doors and somehow he couldn’t open it! What’s happening now? He also felt a little light-headed and this might be it. Escape players, looks like you need to find some clues here for something is definitely going-on in this place now which you have no idea what. Care to join Victor here and see if you can solve this mysterious problem of the luxurious house? Go ahead then and good luck!